Professional Excellence

in Foot & Ankle Surgery, Podiatry, Wound Care, and Sports Medicine.

Dr. Sadoughi’s office provides innovative, hands on solutions to eliminate pain and treat various foot and ankle conditions. 

The best care is on your side.

Innovative Equipment

Laser therapy treatment, diagnostic ultrasound, 3D custom molded orthotics, and more.

Personal Treatment

Compassionate, caring treatment from the moment you walk in our door.

Focused Care

Attentive and focused care during your whole visit.

Surgical Implants

Some of the most innovative implants in the healthcare market today from Wright Medical and Treace.

Patient experience & Satisfaction Drives Us!

Dr. Sadoughi has worked miracles to save me from losing my feet to diabetic ulcers. Several doctors who participated in my treatment were very forthcoming in advising me they were certain Dr. Sadoughi saved my feet and my life. I will NEVER be able to thank him enough for his skills, dedication, and concern for my continuing health.If you need a doctor to care for your feet and health, Dr. Sadoughi is the top man in my opinion!
Dr. Sadoughi has made me feel better about everything that has happened to me. He’s very passionate about his patients and his profession. Keep it up Dr. Sadoughi. I have much respect for you and your team.
Never been to the podiatrist so I had no idea what to expect but Dr. Sadoughi is a great doctor and person overall, very kind and easy to talk to as well. Took care of all my foot and toe related issues I had initially with ease and had no complaints for any of my visits. Would definitely recommend to all.
Chevy Chase Foot and Ankle LLC

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