Cartiva Implant

Does your big toe pain keep you standing still?


The big toe joint holds up 100% of your weight every time you step. That pressure can cause the cartilage in the joint to wear down, leading to painful big toe arthritis. The good news? There are treatment options that can help you move again.

because you want to stay on your toes for all life throws at you

what is CARTIVA® SCI synthetic cartilage implant (SCI)?

CARTIVA® SCI is a quick 35-minute procedure where your physician replaces the damaged cartilage in your big toe with a new synthetic cartilage that behaves like the natural cartilage of your big toe joint. It’s the only FDA approved option that safely and effectively reduces arthritis pain while also improving your toe’s range of motion.

who is a candidate for CARTIVA® SCI Synthetic Cartilage Implant (SCI)?

Only your surgeon can determine if CARTIVA® SCI is right for you and your unique circumstances. However, if you suffer from osteoarthritis in your big toe and want to pursue a solution that will preserve your foot’s mobility, you may be a great candidate for CARTIVA® SCI.

Big toe arthritis shouldn’t keep you from living an active lifestyle.

Get Back to Moving.