Total Ankle Replacement

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MoveWright™ Total Ankle Replacement

Ankle arthritis pain can take some of the magic out of life. It can limit your ability to enjoy everyday activities and share moments with those you love.

What is an ankle replacement?

MoveWright Total Ankle Replacement is designed to relieve ankle arthritis pain while increasing mobility. MoveWright replaces damaged cartilage so the joint can move and bend more like a healthy ankle—allowing you to walk with a more normal gait. MoveWright is a total ankle replacement procedure that can be tailored fit to you, providing you with a more natural fit.  And it can take half the recovery time of the traditional procedure, ankle fusion.

Who Is A Candidate For MoveWright™ Total Ankle Replacement?

You may be a good candidate for this surgery if you have pain in your ankle joint that interferes with your daily activities. If other treatments for the pain, such as bracing or over-the-counter medication, aren’t providing enough relief, you may want to consider ankle replacement surgery if your doctor recommends it.

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